Lifeguard Christian Academy

I enjoy spending time with my family I have an amazing husband, Pastor Pipkin, who is the Senior pastor of Lifeguard Community Church. He is my hero not afraid to proclaim that he is in love with Jesus Christ! He understands the degree of responsibility it takes to lead his family  under the authority of God's Word. I have three wonderful children: Chad(17) who is very outgoing and funny, Myla(7) a sweet, loving and beautiful "princess" and Christian(5) a bright, affectionate boy who is always on the go!

Christianity is a major part of my life, my home is a place where the Word of God rules in love. A  home where family, friends, guests, and your children will find an atmosphere of love,peace, and joy of the Lord.


​Hello! My name is Bridgette Pipkin, the director of Lifeguard Christian Home Childcare. I have been a professional childcare teacher for oven 15 years and have extensive knowledge and experience in primary education. I have worked in both public and private school sectors which have allowed me to adapt to varying environments. These changes have developed my growth and proficiency in teaching, communicating and interacting with children on a level that support activities for physical, emotional, intellections and social growth. I possess both a Child Development and Child Care Administrator in Early Childhood Education Degree. This knowledge engenders me to be more conversant in aiding children, promoting their interests, and implement tools to develop skills for future success. I enjoy mentoring and counseling children to build their self esteem and take delight in sharing my love of learning with young minds that help children discover their God- given potential.

I have been a Christian for 16 years, Christ takes precedence in my life and I choose to walk in truth and live by integrity. I honor God with my time, talents and abilities to seek the Kingdom of Heaven, believe in God's Word. To live by faith through prayer, believing that all things are possible with Christ according to the will of God. My hobbies include writing poetry, listening to music, baking, sewing tutu's and decorating baby showers, birthday parties and making diaper cakes.